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Protect yourself online

Check any website for potential risks to your personal information and security by entering the URL below.

How to protect yourself online

Surf Safely

Every time you log onto the internet, your browsing is data can be hacked by people with bad intentions.

You need to protect yourself and your loved ones to keep your future safe. Here’s how you can do it.

Surf the web Safely

Search Safely

All major search engines store your personal data every time you search the web, potentially exposing your habits, desires, and preferences to anyone who can access those records.

Don’t let them do this. Use a search engine that records none of your personal data now.

Search the web Safely

Check Websites

Even if you surf and search safely, individual websites can still steal your personal data through the use of malicious code and practices.

Make sure your personal data is safe on the websites you visit with by checking they’re safe.

Check websites for safety