The Top 49 Security Blogs – Not Named Securethoughts – To Read in 2015

As we move into 2015, cybersecurity will continue to be a pervasive and important topic.  Threats from malicious attacks, along with website and application vulnerabilities, continue to put our privacy and personal information at risk.  To make sure each of your stays up-to-date on everything related to security, Secure Thoughts presents our Top 100 Security Blogs for your reading pleasure.

We present this list beginning with the every day user in mind.  As you get farther into the list, the blogs become more technical and geared more towards those with security experience and finally security professionals.  We built the list this way to provide something for everyone, regardless of your level of security knowledge or experience.

This is a great way for all of you to stay tuned in to the threats and attacks we face every day, so without further ado, here is our list.


1.  CNET – not only do they provide consumer product descriptions and reviews, but CNET also devotes a section of their site to security topics. This site is particularly useful for those with an interest in consumer-related security and is not overly technical.
2.  Schneir on Security – written by Bruce Schneier, a recognized and renowned security guru. This is a long-standing blog followed by hundreds of thousands of people. Schneier’s blog is a great resource to keep you informed on all things security.
3.  Krebs on Security – written by Brian Krebs, a widely published author who spent over 14 years writing for the Washington Post and has been profiled in The New York Times and Business Week. Although he tells readers he came upon cybersecurity “by accident” because his home network was attacked, Krebs’ site is widely read and provides in-depth security news and information.
4.  Red Tap Chronicles – cybersecurity new stories from NBC News. Not overly technical with a wide range of topics including security, privacy, and cybercrime.
5. – similar to CNET with product reviews and articles related to cybersecurity.
6.  Information Week Security – widely read news site with up to date articles on cybersecurity. Includes information on software, mobile, apps, and government.
7.  Guardian Information Security Hub – The Guardian is well known for quality articles on world news. The news site also has a section dedicated to information security. Follow this site to stay informed with the latest articles and news on cybersecurity.
8.  Security Week – this blog provides insight and analysis on global security threats and news. It has an abundance of articles and is a great resource for everyone interested in cybersecurity.
9.  Tao Security – brought to you by Richard Bejtlich, author of numerous security books. Bejtlich has years of experience in cybersecurity. The blog focuses on the threat from Chinese hackers based on the number of attacks currently coming from China.
10.  Stay Safe Online – provided by the National Cyber Security Alliance, this site provides information aimed at ensuring the Internet is used safely and securely and protecting the technology everyone uses at home and work.


11.  BH Consulting’s Security Watch Blog – updated regularly, this blog provides articles on current events across the cybersecurity spectrum.
12.  Naked Security – an award-winning blog from the security company SOPHOS. This site gets over a million visits each month because of its news, research, advice, and opinions on cybersecurity.
13.  Security Watch with Neil Rubenking – known for his direct and witty style, Rubenking delivers advice on a range of security issues.
14. Threatpost – an independent news site that hails itself as the “first stop for security news”. Their team of writers frequently breaks important stories, brings together relevant security news from other sources, and engages readers to discuss emerging threats. This blog has been highlighted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, USA Today, and NPR as a leading source for security news.
15. Fortinet Blog – this site has something for everyone, from security research and industry trends to an entire section focused on Security 101.
16. Securosis – a no-nonsense blog that frequently publishes unique articles. The authors focus on helping others improve their information security. The site also has a great research library section.
17. Tech News World – this cybersecurity blog covers everything from hacking to privacy issues, along with the latest information security news. Very well written for users and professionals alike.
18.  Cyber Crime and Doing Time – provided by Gary Warner of Malcovery, this blog is about cybercrime and justice-related issues. Warner also includes educational and engaging posts on the latest threats and vulnerabilities.
19.  David Lacey’s IT Security Blog – offers the latest ideas, best practices, and business issues related to security.   The blog is hosted on the website.
20.  Kapersky Lab’s SecureList – run by the Kapersky Lab, this blog has a large following because of its articles on security, cybercriminal activities, malware, phishing, and other cybersecurity threats.


21.  Fox-IT Security Blog – a very good source of information about online security, technology news, and cybercrime.
22.  Help Net Security – a popular site for data and security news. Provides updated information and news related to the IT industry.
23.  CyberArk – a security company that prides themselves on stopping cyber attacks before they happen. Their security blog is updated regularly with the newest security concerns and topics presented at recent security conferences.
24.  Security Intelligence – brought to you by the tech experts at IBM, this blog provides analysis and insight for security professionals.
25.  CIO – provides articles for senior IT professionals on topics such as mobile technology, apps, careers, networking, and of course security.
26.  US-CERT – The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team site provides information on the latest threats and alerts related to cybersecurity. Their goal is to improve the nation’s security posture, coordinate cyber information sharing, and proactively manage cyber risks. You can subscribe to their mailing list to receive updated vulnerability and threat information.
27.  CERIAS – The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security is an effort from Purdue University in the U.S. aimed at using a multidisciplinary approach to security issues. They consider the technical issues of security along with other aspects such as ethical, legal, and economical.
28. Dark Reading – geared towards security professionals, Dark Reading provides information on new cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and technology trends.
29. InfoSec News – provides the latest news on topics from security, hacking, public policy, and industry conferences. The site also includes an extensive portal of job openings in the IT and security fields.
30.  SANS Internet Storm Center – provides daily updates to keep readers up-to-date. Written from a more technical perspective but still a great resource for security topics and trends.


31.  Information Security Buzz – a site dedicated to providing opinions and news for the information security community. The content is meant to provide readers with the latest threat trends, practical solutions, and advice from security professionals everywhere.
32.  Tech Republic – provides IT professionals with original content and peer-to-peer advice from a large community of IT experts.
33.  Wired – Wired gives readers a great resource for topics related to privacy, threats, security systems, and the latest threats.
34.  Inside Cyber Security – this site is a subscription-based news service for security policy professionals around the world. Topics are centered on regulatory policies related to cybersecurity and online privacy.
35.  ZeroDay – this is a resource for the latest information in software and hardware security research, vulnerabilities, threats, and computer attacks. Great for IT professionals looking to stay informed on the most recent news affecting the cybersecurity community.
36.  CSO Online – articles focus on IT, access management for enterprise servers, loss prevention, cybercrime, and vulnerabilities.
37.  Contagio Malware Dump – great collection of information on the latest malware, threats, observations, and analysis of all things cybersecurity.
38.  Infosecurity Magazine – provides security articles on popular topics as well as security strategy and technical approaches for the online industry.
39.  Google Security Blog – reliable security blog with references to online security and privacy.
40.  Wombat Security Blog – this blog focuses heavily on phishing and other cyber threats. The writers provide a weekly summary of the latest phishing attacks. The blog is managed by Wombat Security Technologies, which provides cybersecurity training.


41.  SC Magazine – provides technical information and data analysis of current online security threats. The site also provides information about testing results for email security, mobile devices, and the cloud.
42.  Symantec Weblog – from Symantec, one of the largest providers of security solutions worldwide. This site provides reports and articles on security threats, cybercrime, malware, vulnerabilities, and more.
43.  Zone Alarm Cyber Security Blog – brought to you by Zone Alarm, a popular vendor of security products. The blog provides information on malware defenses and online security, along with malware alerts and practical security tips.
44.  Network Security Blog – run by Martin McKeay, this blog has topics from network security news, tips on security methods, and links to other useful resources. There are over 1,000 articles on the site; however, it is not updated regularly due to McKeay’s busy schedule. The site focuses on quality over quantity though, so it is well worth stopping by occasionally.
45.  Paul’s Security Weekly – highlights IT security news, hacking, vulnerabilities, and research.
46.  Network Computing – focuses on cloud technology and enterprise infrastructure systems. The site’s articles cover security solutions to address the ever-increasing threat environment facing businesses today.
47.  F-Secure Safe & Savvy Blog – this blog is from F-Secure, a company dedicated to online content and privacy protection.
48.  SANS Institute AppSec Blog – provides training, research, certification, and educational resources for IT professionals.
49.  Dell SecureWorks – provides the latest news and information affecting IT professionals.

There you have it, 50 informative and interesting blogs to quench your thirst for online security.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our rundown of the top 50 blogs heading into 2015.  There are sure to be more threats, vulnerabilities, and new items related to cybersecurity, so keep up with your favorite blogs, especially Secure Thoughts.  Don’t forget to leave comments or questions if you have any.  Thanks!

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