Brewster Goes to Washington – Congressional Hearing on the Copyright Office Modernization Committee

A good day in Washington.   After two years of being on the Copyright Office Modernization Committee, helping advise the Copyright Office on their new registration and recordation process, a republican and a democrat from the House of Representatives held a hearing to ask questions of committee members. It was such a refreshing scene because it was bipartisan, they knew the issues, and they were spending time finding out what we suggested.

This all matters because the Copyright Office is moving to filings being digital, which is an improvement, and because it could make way for efficient submissions of digital files.   This would be a major way for the Library of Congress to get copies of books they would own, preserve, and make somewhat accessible.

Another attendee said they had gone to congressional meetings for 30 years and this one had the most engagement of any of them.  A good day in Washington, indeed.

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