Why You Can’t Trust Your Doctor

Credit cards + banks = security worries. False. Face up to reality and understand that equation – which most of us think sums up the present reality of our insecurities – is horribly false. We have gigantic security worries. It’s just not banks that are the problem. Big financial institutions, big online retailers, big bricks … Read more

T-mobile Hack Exposes Continued Risk of Working With Vendors

Approximately one-third of successful cyber attacks are accomplished via the compromise of an insecure vendor. This is, to use a technical term, absolutely nuts. Imagine that you’re a large company. You’re doing everything right, in terms of information security. You’ve got three kinds of firewalls, a stable of well-paid analysts, and all of your critical … Read more

Patreon Hack is a Prime Example of Pointless Hacktivism

In one of the year’s weirdest attacks, a Gamergate-aligned troll has hacked the crowdfunding website Patreon, exposing 15 gigabytes of users’ personal information. People who don’t know much about the internet might need some help unpacking that sentence, but rest assured: this story is the perfect storm of angry black-hats, stupid admins, and pathos. First, … Read more

How Data Encryption Could Save You a Million Euros

The European Union is beginning to wind up its massive piece of legislation that will affect every country immediately after its implantation. Formerly known as the General Data Protection Directive, the new regulation will take immediate effect once it’s completed, which will likely be sometime in early 2016. Business owners and tech experts alike are … Read more

Why a VPN Could Save Your Company’s Reputation

It seems like every other day there’s an article in the news about a company suffering a massive data breach. The recent hacks of the controversial site Ashley Madison have left many customers questioning their online security and privacy, and around the world, governments continue to push for stronger standards to protect users. If you … Read more