Best VPN for HBONow

Best VPN for HBONow

Summary: The HBONow streaming service is a great way to stay up-to-date with your favorite HBO shows and movies, but you could find out that your access has been restricted. 

Licensing and copyright agreements in the United States forces the HBONow service to limit access to their content to countries that have agreements with the Motion Picture Association of America. 

If you’ve found that access to your favorite content has been restricted, you can bypass the restrictions by connecting through a Virtual Private Network. 

VPN services allow you to hide your original location, so it appears that you’re connecting through the United States, and make it easy to bypass these content restrictions. 

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Table of Contents 

  • Best VPN for HBONow 
  • Why You Should Trust Us 
  • Testing Methodology 
  • How We Tested Each VPN Service 
  • VPN Services You Should Avoid 
  • VPNs Disqualified Due to Missing Features 
  • VPNs Eliminated Due to Poor Reviews 
  • Top Three VPNs for HBONow 
  • Wrapping It Up 

Why You Should Trust Us 

At SecureThoughts, our team is comprised of professional researchers and writers who have devoted their lives to staying at the forefront of internet security and technology. 

Our goal is to help our readers keep themselves safe, anonymous and secure while they are connected to the internet, and bypass restrictions that have been imposed on them by using a VPN. 

Testing Methodology 

In the VPN industry today, there are countless different services available, and every one of them claims to be better than the next service. 

Unfortunately, most of these claims are simply marketing hype, and very few VPN services currently available can live up to the claims they’ve made in their sales and advertising messages. 

How We Tested Each VPN Service 

To ensure you can stream your favorite HBO TV shows and movies with HBONow, even when they’re restricted, we’ve tested 170+ different VPN services. 

To skip the methodology and go straight to our recommendations, click here now. 

We started our elimination process by getting rid of services that participate in an invasive surveillance program that is commonly referred to as “14 Eyes.” 

Then, we continued removing services from our list by verifying that the features they offer are the features that people need to bypass content restrictions while using HBONow. 

We also verified reviews from past and current customers by using third-party websites to help eliminate services that have consistently received poor reviews. 

Finally, we completed our elimination process by testing the remaining services against each other using five different criteria to help us uncover the best VPN for HBONow users. 

Those criteria are: 

  • Price 
  • Setup Process 
  • Ease of Use 
  • Speed 
  • Customer Service 

Below are the results of our elimination and review process. 

VPN Services You Should Avoid 

To help dwindle down the original list of 173 VPN services, we began by eliminating any service that is an active participant in the invasive “14 Eyes” program. 

14 Eyes is an agreement between numerous different governments that forces internet service providers to track your activity on their network and turn over activity logs to law enforcement agencies. 

123 of the original 173 VPN services on our list are guilty of participating in the 14 Eyes agreement and have been eliminated. 

ChillGlobal, GoVPN and IPPredator are just a few examples of services that participate in 14 Eyes that we’ve removed from our list. 

VPNs Disqualified Due to Missing Features 

To help you find the best VPN service for accessing content that has been restricted through the HBONow network, we’ve eliminated any service that does not provide the features you need. 

Criteria #1: Unlimited Bandwidth and Data Transfer 

When you’re streaming high-definition video content, you are going to be consuming a significant amount of bandwidth and need a service that allows you unlimited bandwidth usage. 

VPN services that do not provide unlimited bandwidth, and those that limit your connection speeds for excessive data use, have been eliminated from our list. 

Celo and Cloak are two of the services that we’ve eliminated because they do not allow unlimited bandwidth consumption. 

Criteria #2: Support for Multiple Operating Systems 

The HBONow software is compatible with multiple different operating systems, which means you need a VPN service that supports each of them. 

VPN services that do not offer support for mainstream operating systems, or whose software is not compatible or even buggy with major operating systems, have been eliminated. 

SunVPN and IntelliVPN were both eliminated from our review because their software does not support major operating systems. 

Criteria #3: Support Multiple Concurrent Connections 

You may also find yourself wanting to stream your favorite HBO shows on multiple different devices at the same time, and need a VPN service that allows you to open multiple active connections. 

VPN services that become slow and unreliable, or even downright refuse to allow you to open multiple active connections, have been eliminated from our review. 

IBVPN and HotVPN are two services that have been eliminated because they do not allow multiple concurrent connections. 

Criteria #4: No Peer2Peer Blocking 

To help stream high-definition video content and lessen the load on their servers, HBONow and other streaming services utilize Peer2Peer technology. 

VPN services that do not allow you to connect to Peer2Peer-based filesharing and streaming networks have been eliminated from our review process. 

LibertyVPN is just one example of a service we’ve eliminated for failing to provide support for Peer2Peer technology. 

Criteria #5: Free Trials, Refunds and Money-Back Guarantee 

With so many different VPN services available, the last thing you want is to find yourself locked into a service that is causing issues with your connection or providing a bad experience. 

VPN services that do not offer a free-trial period or a refund policy so you can get your money back if you have problems that we didn’t experience were eliminated from our review. 

VPN Shield and VPNBaron are two examples of services we’ve eliminated because they do not offer a refund policy or free trial. 

VPNs Eliminated Due to Poor Reviews 

On the internet, before customers make a purchase they will typically search for reviews on the company and use third-party review websites to help make their decision. 

That’s why we used the same third-party review sites to help eliminate any VPN service that has received poor reviews and developed a bad reputation in the industry. 

Top Three VPNs for HBONow 

After working through a list of 173 different VPNs, we’ve managed to dwindle the list of eligible services down to three, with each remaining service attempting to claim our #1 spot. 

Each of the remaining three services will be reviewed based on five criteria: 

  • Price 
  • Setup Process 
  • Ease of Use 
  • Speed 
  • Customer Service 

Each of the remaining three services were put through extended testing periods to ensure that we have found the best VPN service available for HBONow subscribers. 

#1 ExpressVPN  (9.5 / 10) – The Best VPN Service for HBONow 

When you’ve found out that your favorite HBO TV shows and movies have been restricted through the HBONow service, ExpressVPN is the best service for bypassing these restrictions. 


To start, they are competitively priced and fall towards the middle of the pack. Their pricing structure allows them to attract subscribers while also devoting massive resources to their network. 

If you do happen to have issues with the ExpressVPN service, their customer support team is always helpful, and responded to most of the requests we submitted within 60 minutes or less. 

As we performed speed tests while using the HBONow service, we did not experience any lagging or buffering, and did not have our connections dropped or become unreliable. 

The software that is included with your ExpressVPN subscription makes it easy to establish a connection to their network, and we didn’t have any issues getting connected to their servers. 


One area that we wish ExpressVPN would have performed better is the instance where we waited up to three hours for them to respond to one of our customer support inquiries. 

We also noticed that the ExpressVPN service showed slightly slower connection speeds when tests were performed through servers based in Australia. 

Summary: When your favorite HBO movies and TV shows have been restricted because of licensing and copyright agreements, you need to use a VPN service to get through the road blocks. 

Through extensive testing, we’ve concluded that ExpressVPN is the best VPN service available for helping you access restricted content with the HBONow service. 

To watch restricted HBONow TV shows and movies with ExpressVPN, click here now. 

#2 IPVanish  (7.5 / 10)  Suitable if ExpressVPN isn’t Available for You 

For times where ExpressVPN isn’t available or cannot help you bypass the content restrictions on HBONow, IPVanish may be another service that can help you out. 


We’ve found that IPVanish is one of the lowest priced VPN services on our list, charging less than $8 per month for subscriptions, or $5 per month for 12-month packages. 

Connecting to the IPVanish network is easy with the software they provide when you become a subscriber, and we didn’t experience any problems establishing a connection to their servers. 

They also allow you to connect to their network with multiple devices at the same time, and do not have many problems maintaining good connection speeds when you do. 


In nearly every category, ExpressVPN outperformed IPVanish, but one area where ExpressVPN clearly took the win is in the customer service response times category. 

There were occasions where our HBONow streams started lagging and buffering, which may have been due to the load on IPVanish’s servers at the time the tests were performed. 

Summary: IPVanish may prove to be a decent alternative to ExpressVPN if you find that ExpressVPN doesn’t work with your hardware and software, or if you cannot get an account. 

IPVanish is the lowest priced service we’ve tested and they do provide a helpful customer service experience if you find yourself having problems that you can’t get through on your own. 

If you would like to know more about IPVanish, you can visit their site by clicking here. 

#3 HideMyAss – (5.5 / 10)  Not Recommended 

Even though HideMyAss is ranked #3 in our review, their ranking does not constitute us actively recommending them to our readers for help bypassing restrictions with the HBONow service. 


The one area where HideMyAss performed in an acceptable manner is the software they provide to help connect to their servers. 


To start, HideMyAss is the most expensive service that we’ve ever tested, costing almost $17 per month, and nearly $10 per month if you pay for 12 months in advance. 

While attempting to contact customer service at HideMyAss to help work through the problems we were experiencing, we waited more than 24 hours for a response. 

Once we were finally connected to their network, we were unable to run accurate speed tests because of the unreliable connection and slow connection speeds. 

Summary: While some people may have a different experience than we’ve had with HideMyAss, our experience makes it hard to recommend them to our readers. 

When you want to bypass content restrictions on the HBONow service, there are better VPN services available. ExpressVPN is the perfect solution for bypassing these restrictions. 

If you want to learn more about HideMyAss, you can do your own research by clicking here. 

Wrapping It Up 

When you connect to the HBONow service and realize that your access has been blocked because of copyright and licensing agreements, you need to use a VPN service. 

Virtual Private Network services allow you to route your connection to HBONow through a server located in a country that is not restricted, making it easy to access your favorite content. 

After a thorough elimination and review process, we found that ExpressVPN is one of the best services currently available to help you access your favorite HBO TV shows and movies. 

To learn more about ExpressVPN and access restricted content on HBONow, click here now.