Best VPN for Internet Marketing and SEO

Best VPN for Internet Marketing and SEO

Summary: When you’re trying to generate new visitors to your website or business, internet marketing and SEO are great strategies to use. 

However, using internet marketing and SEO strategies sometimes requires you to have more than one connection to the internet to utilize all the tools you’ll need to use. 

You could also find yourself seeing inaccurate results because of your location, which means you’re going to need a method for connecting to a server located in the country you’re targeting. 

The best way to ensure you’re seeing accurate results for your searches and be able to open multiple connections to use all your tools is to connect through a Virtual Private Network service. 

VPN services help you hide your original location and connect to a server that’s located in the country you’re targeting. 

They also make it easy for you to establish multiple connections to the internet so you can use all the tools required to generate new visitors and track the status of your campaigns. 

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Table of Contents 

  • Best VPN for Internet Marketing and SEO 
  • Why You Should Trust Us 
  • Testing Methodology 
  • How We Tested Each VPN Service 
  • VPN Services You Should Avoid 
  • VPNs Disqualified Due to Missing Features 
  • VPNs Eliminated Due to Poor Reviews 
  • Top Three VPNs for Internet Marketing and SEO 
  • Wrapping It Up 

Why You Should Trust Us 

At SecureThoughts, we’ve made it our primary mission to help people who are having issues with internet technology and security overcome those problems quickly and effectively. 

Our team of researchers and writers pride themselves in being at the forefront of the internet security and technology industries, and helping every one of our readers stay safe online. 

Testing Methodology 

We spent a substantial amount of time building a list of VPN services that are currently available and found more than 173 different eligible candidates. 

Each service we’ve found uses their marketing and sales messages to position themselves as the best, but we know there can be only one best, which is why we’re testing them all. 

How We Tested Each VPN Service 

To help you manage your connection to different tools and services while building marketing campaigns, we’re going to test 173 different VPN services. 

To skip the methodology and go straight to our recommendations, click here now. 

To begin our elimination process, we have immediately removed any service that is primarily based in a country where they can be forced to participate in invasive surveillance programs. 

We also verified the features offered by each of the services on our list and eliminated any service that doesn’t offer features we believe internet marketers and SEOs require. 

Then, we verified the industry rating of each service on our list by utilizing third-party websites that consolidate reviews from past and current customers. 

Finally, the services that remained through our eliminations were compared against each other using five criteria that allowed us to make an objective determine for the best VPN service. 

Those criteria are: 

Price – Price is important because some of the best services offer competitive pricing, while some of the worst services charge the highest subscription rates in the industry. 

Setup Process – We’ve verified that each service on our list provides software that is compatible with major operating systems and makes it simple to connect to their network. 

Ease of Use – We also ensured that establishing a connection to each service’s network, and maintaining that connection, doesn’t require assistance from the service’s customer support team. 

Speed – We have performed speed tests through servers located around the world to determine the average connection speeds for each service on our list. 

Customer Service – Finally, we submitted requests to each service’s customer support team to determine how quickly they respond and if they provide helpful solutions to our problems. 

Below are the results we’ve found during our elimination and review process. 

VPN Services You Should Avoid 

Whenever you’re trying to run internet marketing and SEO campaigns, the last thing you want is a service tracking what you do while you’re connected to their network. 

Unfortunately, there is an invasive surveillance program known as “14 Eyes” which is being rolled out in many countries around the world, and forces these services to track your activity. 

The 14 Eyes program is an agreement between governments that forces internet service providers and VPN services to track their user’s network activity. 

Any VPN service that participates in 14 Eyes has been immediately eliminated from our review to ensure your online activity remains private and secure. 

While working through our original list of 173 VPN services, we found that 123 of them are participants, either actively or by force, in the 14 Eyes surveillance program. 

VPNs Disqualified Due to Missing Features 

As we move forward eliminating services from our list, we’re going to be covering each of the features that we believe internet marketers and SEOs need. 

We’re going to show you each of the features that we’re looking for in a service, and give you examples of services we’ve eliminated because they do not provide those features. 

Criteria #1: OpenVPN Support 

Whenever you connect to the internet, the servers that you connect to are going to utilize one of many different protocols to manage your connection. 

OpenVPN is widely regarded as one of the most secure and easiest to use protocols, so we have eliminated any service that does not offer OpenVPN support. 

AnonVPN and Betternet are two services that have been eliminated because they lack support for the OpenVPN protocol. 

Criteria #2: Unlimited Bandwidth and Data Transfer 

Whenever you browse web pages, check your email or social media accounts, download files or watch videos, you are consuming bandwidth. 

Some VPN services limit the amount of bandwidth you can use while you are connected to their network, which is why they’ve been eliminated from our tests. 

Celo and Cloak are two VPN services that we’ve eliminated because they do not offer their subscribers truly unlimited bandwidth. 

Criteria #3: No Data Logging Policies 

Many internet service providers and VPN services will use logs of your network activity to help them diagnose issues you’re having and improve their network. 

While these policies are typically harmless, we believe you should be anonymous while you’re online, which is why we’ve eliminated services that track your network activity. 

Hola!VPN and Seed4Me are two VPN services with active data logging policies that we’ve eliminated from our list. 

Criteria #4: Support for Multiple Operating Systems 

Many of the services that you’ll be using to build internet marketing and SEO campaigns are compatible with multiple different operating systems. 

To ensure you do not encounter difficulties using those services, we have eliminated any VPN service that provides software that isn’t compatible with most major operating systems. 

IntelliVPN and SunVPN are two services that provide software that is known to be buggy with different mainstream operating systems and they have been eliminated from our list. 

Criteria #5: Support Multiple Concurrent Connections 

If you use multiple different devices to manage your marketing campaigns, you could find your account access being limited with some VPN services. 

Any VPN service that blocks your ability to open multiple active connections to their network has been eliminated from our list, and is ineligible to receive our recommendation. 

IBVPN and HotVPN are two VPN services that do not support multiple active connections, or become slow and unreliable when you open multiple connections, and they have been eliminated. 

Criteria #6: Free Trials, Refunds and Money-Back Guarantee 

Our goal is to help you find a VPN that will keep you anonymous and secure while you’re building campaigns, but we understand that not everyone will have the same experience we’ve had. 

That’s why we have eliminated any service that does not have a valid refund policy, a money-back guarantee or a free-trial period so you can test their service without risking your money. 

VPN Shield and VPNBaron are two services that do not eliminate your risk when subscribing and they have been removed from being eligible to receive our recommendation. 

Criteria #7: No Peer2Peer Blocking 

Some services utilize filesharing technology and Peer2Peer networks to help lessen the load on their servers, which could cause issues for you when you’re building campaigns. 

To ensure that you do not encounter problems with a tool you’re using to build a campaign, we have eliminated services that block your ability to connect to Peer2Peer networks. 

LibertyVPN and VPNJack are two services that block your ability to connect to Peer2Peer and filesharing networks that have been eliminated from our list. 

Criteria #8: No Mandatory SMTP Blocking 

Internet marketers and SEOs are familiar with spammers abusing services, and sending mass unwanted emails while using VPN services is a tactic many spammers take advantage of. 

To ensure you do not encounter any issues while trying to send and receive emails, we have eliminated VPN services that block your access to SMTP ports while you’re on their network. 

Tunnelbear and TorVPN are two VPN services that prevent you from sending and receiving emails that we have eliminated from our list. 

VPNs Eliminated Due to Poor Reviews 

To continue dwindling down our original list of VPN services, we used third-party review consolidation websites to identify services that have developed a poor reputation in the industry. 

Any VPN service that has consistently received poor reviews and negative feedback from past customers has been eliminated from our list. 

Top Three VPNs for Internet Marketing and SEO 

After working through multiple different elimination processes, we have worked our original list of 173 services down to a total of three. 

Each of the remaining three services will be reviewed based on five criteria: 

  • Price 
  • Setup Process 
  • Ease of Use 
  • Speed 
  • Customer Service 

Our extensive testing has revealed that one VPN service is the clear winner and the best VPN for internet markers and SEOs looking to stay anonymous and secure while building campaigns. 

#1 ExpressVPN  (9.5 / 10) – The Best VPN Service for Internet Marketing and SEO 

When you’re looking for the best VPN to help build internet marketing and SEO campaigns, we’ve found that ExpressVPN is the clear choice. 


ExpressVPN is competitively priced, relative to some of the other services we’ve tested, considering the features offered to their subscribers. 

In 2017, they charge $12.95 per month when you subscribe on a month-to-month basis, and $8.32 per month when you pay for a full year in advance. 

The ExpressVPN software is simple to use. We had it installed and configured for their network within a few minutes of subscribing to their service. 

During speed tests, ExpressVPN claimed the top spot with the fastest average connection speeds and the best reliability, showing no signs of dropped or slow connections. 

The customer support team at ExpressVPN is as helpful as they come, and responded quickest to all the requests we submitted during testing. They averaged 60-minute response times. 


We believe ExpressVPN is the best VPN service for internet marketers and SEOs, but also believe there are areas of their service that could potentially be improved. 

In one case, while testing their customer support team, we did wait up to three hours to receive a response to the request that we submitted. 

We also noticed that during speed tests performed through Australian-based servers, ExpressVPN ranked #3. This may be due to the time of day and load on the servers we tested through. 

Summary: ExpressVPN easily secured our top spot to receive the #1 recommendation for internet marketers and SEOs building campaigns for themselves and their clients. 

They have one of the strongest networks we’ve seen, competitive pricing, fast and reliable connection speeds and a helpful, responsive customer support team. 

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#2 IPVanish  (7.5 / 10)  Suitable if ExpressVPN isn’t Available for You 

While we firmly believe that ExpressVPN is the best VPN service you can use while building your campaigns, we also understand that they may not be available for everybody reading this. 

If you subscribe to ExpressVPN and have issues, or find that they’re unavailable where you’re located, IPVanish could be a suitable alternative. 


IPVanish currently offers some of the lowest pricing we’ve seen, charging $7.50 per month on a month-to-month basis, or $4.87 per month when you subscribe for a year and pay in advance. 

The software provided with your IPVanish subscription is simple to configure, and we used it to connect to their network within five minutes of paying for our subscription. 

If you experience problems with your account or your connection to their network, the IPVanish customer support team is helpful, and responded to most of our requests within 60 minutes. 

They offer a reliable network and ranked #2 during speed tests that were performed through servers located inside the United States and the United Kingdom. 


Like ExpressVPN, IPVanish performed relatively well during our testing process, but we did find areas we believe could be addressed to help them rank higher in the future. 

One area that created cause for concern is the connection speeds offered by IPVanish through servers based in Australia. They claimed the #3 spot during our testing. 

We also experienced longer wait times with the IPVanish customer support team than we did with ExpressVPN, waiting up to three hours for responses to some of the requests we sent. 

Summary: In nearly every area of our review process, ExpressVPN easily claimed the top spot over the remaining competitors. 

However, if they’re unavailable for you, or you have problems establishing a connection to their network, IPVanish could be a decent alternative solution. 

If you would like to know more about IPVanish, you can visit their site by clicking here. 

#3 HideMyAss – (5.5 / 10)  Not Recommended 

Before we move into an explanation for HideMyAss ranking third on our list, we need to give a warning that we do not necessarily see them as a viable solution for internet marketers. 

They managed to make it through our elimination process to earn the ability to be compared against other services, but we experienced significant issues with their service. 


Our experience with their service wasn’t entirely terrible. The software they provide with your subscription is easy to use and configure to connect to their network. 

As our review moved forward and we used the software to connect to their network, though, the problems that we would experience throughout the entire process began. 


We found it difficult to establish and maintain a reliable connection to the HideMyAss servers, which made testing their service difficult to do. 

Even though HideMyAss charges some of the most expensive prices in the industry, their prices do not reflect the quality of their network or the responsiveness of their customer support team. 

We attempted to contact their customer service team for help with the issues we were having, and waited more than 24 hours to receive a response, which is unacceptable. 

Summary: If you are trying to stay anonymous and secure while you’re building internet marketing and SEO campaigns, there are far better services than HideMyAss. 

We experienced significant issues while testing their service.  Those issues didn’t exist while testing ExpressVPN, or even IPVanish, in most cases. 

If you want to learn more about HideMyAss, you can do your own research by clicking here. 

Wrapping It Up 

When you’re using multiple different tools and services, you need a way to open multiple connections to them while staying safe, anonymous and secure. 

Connecting through a Virtual Private Network service allows you to establish multiple connections to each of the tools and services you use, and encrypts your sensitive information at the same time. 

After an extensive elimination and testing procedure, we have found that ExpressVPN is currently the best VPN service for internet marketers and SEOs. 

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