Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

Summary: The BBC, or British Broadcasting Network, is one of the largest content and streaming services in the world.  Their BBC iPlayer makes it simple to access the content they provide. 

However, if you do not live in the UK, you could find yourself having problems streaming your favorite TV shows, because the content is blocked for non-UK citizens. 

If you want to access your favorite TV shows when you live or travel outside the UK, you are going to need to connect through a Virtual Private Network service. 

VPN services allow you to hide your original location, and make it appear that you are connecting from inside the UK so that you can gain access to the content the BBC has restricted. 

To access restricted content and stream your favorite TV shows with BBC iPlayer, click here to get ExpressVPN. 

Table of Contents 

  • Best VPN for Mac Computers 
  • Why You Should Trust Us 
  • Testing Methodology 
  • How We Tested Each VPN Service 
  • VPN Services You Should Avoid 
  • VPNs Disqualified Due to Missing Features 
  • VPNs Eliminated Due to Poor Reviews 
  • Top Three VPNs for Securing Your Mac Computer 
  • Wrapping It Up 

Why You Should Trust Us 

The team at SecureThoughts have devoted significant portions of their lives to staying ahead of the technology and internet security industries. 

Our only goal is to ensure that our readers can quickly and easily secure their connection to stay anonymous and safe while they’re connected to the internet. 

Testing Methodology 

While many people believe that all VPN services are created equal, many services are backed up by their marketing hype but fail to deliver on the promises they’ve made. 

To ensure that the VPN service you subscribe to can keep you protected online and not cause frustrations, we’re digging in to find the best VPN service for streaming with BBC iPlayer. 

How We Tested Each VPN Service 

To ensure you can gain access to BBC iPlayer wherever you are located, we have personally reviewed more than 170 different VPN services using a three-step process. 

To skip the methodology and go straight to our recommendations, click here now. 

Our review process began by eliminating services that are based in countries where they can be forced to track your activity and hand over those logs to the local government. 

We also verified that the features offered by each VPN service meet our minimum specifications and have eliminated services that do not provide what we consider to be minimum requirements. 

Then, we verified reviews from past and current customers to help eliminate VPN services that have developed a poor reputation in the industry. 

Finally, the services remaining on our list were compared against each other using five different criteria that helped us continue eliminating low-quality VPN providers. 

Those criteria are: 

  • Price 
  • Setup Process 
  • Ease of Use 
  • Speed 
  • Customer Service 

Below are the results of our elimination and review process. 

VPN Services You Should Avoid 

To start dwindling down the list of 173 different VPN services, we began eliminating services that are based in countries that participate in the “14 Eyes” agreement. 

The 14 Eyes agreement is a surveillance program that multiple countries participate in, which forces internet service providers to log your activity on their network. 

Of those original 173 VPN services, 123 are in countries that participate in 14 Eyes and have been eliminated from our list of possible recommendations. 

GoVPN, IPPredator and ChillGlobal are a few examples of services that have been eliminated. 

VPNs Disqualified Due to Missing Features 

To access restricted content using BBC iPlayer and stay safe and secure while you’re connected to the internet, we’ve verified that each remaining service offers a minimum set of features. 

Criteria #1: Unlimited Bandwidth and Data Transfer 

When you’re streaming high-definition video content, you are going to be consuming large amounts of bandwidth, and need a service that can keep up with your demands. 

VPN services that have developed a reputation for limiting your bandwidth consumption or slowing your connection speeds for excessive use have been eliminated from our review. 

Cloak and Celo are two services on our list that have been removed because of their bandwidth limiting policies. 

Criteria #2: Support for Multiple Operating Systems 

BBC iPlayer works with multiple different mainstream operating systems so you can connect to it through every device that you own. 

VPN services that do not offer support for major mainstream operating systems have been eliminated from our review process. 

SunVPN and IntelliVPN are two examples of services that were eliminated because their software is not supported on multiple different operating systems. 

Criteria #3: Support Multiple Concurrent Connections 

You may also want to connect to BBC iPlayer with more than one device at the same time, which means you need a service that supports multiple concurrent connections. 

VPN services that limit your connection speeds or deny your connections when you attempt to connect with multiple devices at the same time have been eliminated from our review. 

HotVPN and IBVPN are two services that we’ve removed from our list due to their lack of support for multiple connections. 

Criteria #4: No Peer2Peer Blocking 

While BBC iPlayer doesn’t specifically use Peer2Peer filesharing networks to stream video content, the technology they use could be similar in the eyes of a VPN service provider. 

VPN services that block access to Peer2Peer filesharing networks have been eliminated from our review to ensure you do not encounter problems while streaming through BBC iPlayer. 

LibertyVPN is an example of one of the services we’ve eliminated due to a lack of Peer2Peer filesharing support. 

Criteria #5: Free Trials, Refunds and Money-Back Guarantee 

We want to ensure that our readers are protected and can test our recommendations without worrying about the service not functioning for them the way it functioned for us. 

That’s why we’ve eliminated any VPN service that does not offer a free trial period, or have a valid money-back guarantee and refund policy that they stand behind. 

VPN Shield and VPNBaron are two services that do not offer free trials or refund policies, and were eliminated from our list. 

VPNs Eliminated Due to Poor Reviews 

Our elimination process continued by removing any VPN service that received a 60% rating or lower (3-out-of-5 stars or 6-out-of-10 stars) to eliminate services with a bad reputation. 

We read reviews from both current and past customers to verify the reputation of any services that have remained on our list up to this point. 

Top Three VPNs for BBC iPlayer 

After dwindling down the list of services eligible to receive our recommendation, we were left with a total of three different services that are vying for our top spot. 

Each of the remaining three services will be reviewed based on five criteria: 

  • Price 
  • Setup Process 
  • Ease of Use 
  • Speed 
  • Customer Service 

After putting the remaining three services through extended testing, we’ve concluded that one service is viable for people trying to access restricted content with BBC iPlayer. 

#1 ExpressVPN  (9.5 / 10) – The Best VPN Service for BBC iPlayer 

When it comes to easily accessing your favorite TV shows and movies with BBC iPlayer, we couldn’t find another VPN service that offers what ExpressVPN offers. 


ExpressVPN is priced in the middle of the pack, keeping them competitive. They charge $12.95 per month for subscriptions, and only $8.32 per month if you pay for 12 months up front. 

They offer amazing customer support, providing helpful responses, and answered most of the requests we submitted within 60 minutes or less. 

During speed tests, ExpressVPN performed the best, showing no signs of unreliability or dropping our connection while transferring large files across their network. 

They support multiple active connections and every mainstream operating system, and the software they provide with your subscription is easy to download, install and use. 


While ExpressVPN did reply quickly to most of the requests that we submitted to their customer service team, there were occasions we waited up to three hours for a response. 

When we performed speed tests through Australia, ExpressVPN ranked #2, but the slower speeds could have been a result of higher loads at the time that we performed the tests. 

Summary: If you’re looking for the best VPN service to keep you safe online and help you access restricted content with BBC iPlayer, very few services can compete with ExpressVPN. 

They have a strong network, fast upload and download speeds, military-grade encryption and helpful customer support that responded quickly to the requests we submitted. 

To access restricted content on BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN, click here now. 

#2 IPVanish  (7.5 / 10)  Suitable if ExpressVPN isn’t Available for You 

If you find yourself in a situation where ExpressVPN isn’t available or doesn’t work with your hardware, IPVanish could be an alternative solution for accessing BBC iPlayer. 


IPVanish is one of the lowest priced services we’ve tested, charging only $7.50 for a single month, or $4.87 when you pay for a 12-month subscription in advance. 

The software provided by IPVanish is easy to download and install, allowing you to connect to their network within a few minutes of subscribing to their service. 

They support multiple simultaneous connections and do not block Peer2Peer filesharing networks, so you can stream your favorite TV shows with BBC iPlayer. 

While testing their network, we didn’t experience many problems with slowdowns, though we did have our connection dropped on occasion. 


During testing, IPVanish customer support took longer to respond to our requests than the team at ExpressVPN, requiring us to wait up to 24 hours in some cases. 

As we performed speed tests, IPVanish offered slower speeds than ExpressVPN, suggesting there is room for improvement with the strength of their network. 

Summary: Even though the IPVanish service is comparable to the service that ExpressVPN offers in some areas, ExpressVPN has a much stronger network and better customer support. 

For times that you’re unable to open an account with ExpressVPN, you may still use IPVanish to help access your favorite shows using BBC iPlayer. 

If you would like to know more about IPVanish, you can visit their site by clicking here. 

#3 HideMyAss – (5.5 / 10)  Not Recommended 

HideMyAss ranking third in our review process has more to do with the remaining 170 services than it does the service that HideMyAss offers to their subscribers. 


The software you use to connect to the HideMyAss network is simple to download and install, and it isn’t difficult to establish a connection to their network. 


They are one of the most expensive VPN services on our list, charging $16.99 for a subscription, or $9.29 per month when you subscribe for 12 months and pay in advance. 

During speed tests performed on their network, we experienced significant delays and had our connection dropped on multiple occasions. 

Contacting their customer support to help resolve the issues we were having was frustrating, as it took them substantially longer to respond to our requests than the team at ExpressVPN. 

While attempting to open multiple connections or stream high-definition video content with BBC iPlayer, we experienced connection issues that persisted through the entire testing process. 

Summary: The problems that we experienced while using the HideMyAss service makes it hard for us to recommend them as a viable service for bypassing content restrictions. 

If you want to access restricted content, stay safe and not end up frustrated, Express VPN, or even IPVanish, are much better solutions. 

If you want to learn more about HideMyAss, you can do your own research by clicking here. 

Wrapping It Up 

If you find that your favorite TV shows and movies have been blocked because you’re traveling or living outside the UK, you want to use a Virtual Private Network service to bypass restrictions. 

VPN services allow you to connect through servers based in the UK, so BBC iPlayer believes you are inside the UK while you are streaming TV shows and movies. 

After testing more than 170 different VPN services, we’ve found that ExpressVPN is the best solution for accessing restricted content using BBC iPlayer. 

To learn more about ExpressVPN and access restricted content on BBC iPlayer, click here now.