Best VPN for Omegle

Best VPN for Omegle

Omegle is quickly becoming one of the most popular video chat and streaming services online, which is both a blessing and a curse. 

While they’re making it easier for you to connect with people from all around the world, having so many people in one place tends to create problems that most people don’t think about. 

If you connect to Omegle with an unsecured connection, you could be opening yourself up to the possibility of hackers intercepting sensitive information that you send and receive. 

Protecting yourself while you are connected to Omegle’s servers isn’t difficult, and implementing proper security measures can save you from ending up in a frustrating situation. 

Virtual Private Network services are a simple solution for staying safe while you’re connected to Omegle, and keeping hackers from intercepting your sensitive information. 

VPN services encrypt the data that you send and receive and keep your original location anonymous. This keeps you safe and also makes it possible to get unbanned from the Omegle servers. 

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Table of Contents 

  • Best VPN for Omegle1 
  • Why You Should Trust Us1 
  • Table of Contents1 
  • Testing Methodology2 
  • How We Tested Each VPN Service2 
  • VPN Services You Should Avoid3 
  • VPNs Disqualified Due to Missing Features3 
  • VPNs Eliminated Due to Poor Reviews7 
  • Top Three VPNs for Securing Your Connection to Omegle7 
  • Wrapping It Up11 


Why You Should Trust Us 

The writing team at SecureThoughts have devoted years to staying at the front of the internet technology and security industries, and to helping our readers keep themselves protected. 

We’ve spent countless hours testing and tweaking, attempting to find vulnerabilities and learn new ways to keep you safe while you’re connected to the internet, and to Omegle. 

Testing Methodology 

Subscribing to the first VPN service you find, when you’re trying to protect yourself on Omegle, could be a recipe for disaster. Many services claim to be the best, but few deliver. 

Some services provide the features you need but offer poor customer support, while a few hidden gems provide all the features, a great network and great customer service. 

How We Tested Each VPN Service 

To ensure that your connection to the Omegle servers is safe and secure, we’ve put more than 170 different VPN services through their paces using a three-part elimination process. 

To skip the methodology and go straight to our recommendations, click here now. 

To begin the elimination process, we removed services that are based in countries where the local government has implemented harsh surveillance programs and censorship laws. 

Then we looked through the features and details of each of the remaining services to determine whether or not they have a viable feature set for Omegle users. 

We also looked through reviews from previous and existing customers to help eliminate services that have developed a poor reputation in the industry. 

Finally, any services that remained were put through extensive testing using five different criteria to help us determine which VPN service is best for Omegle. 

Those criteria are: 

Price – When determining whether a VPN service is viable, or not, one of the first factors we considered was the price of the subscription to the service compared to other services. 

Setup Process – We subscribed to each service, downloaded the software they provide and installed it on our machine to ensure it’s a simple process to complete. 

Ease of Use – After installing their supplied software, we also connected to each service to determine how easy it is to establish a connection to their network. 

Speed – Once connected, we tested each service to verify the speeds that they offer, and determine how those speeds compared to other services. 

Customer Service – We put each service’s customer support team through their paces by sending them multiple support requests and determining how helpful they are, and how quickly they respond. 

Below are the results we found during our elimination and review process. 

VPN Services You Should Avoid 

With more than 170 VPN services on our list, we needed a way to quickly separate the winners from the losers, and remove services that cannot keep you safe online. 

To start the elimination process, we immediately removed any services that are based in countries that are forced to participate in the “14 Eyes” agreement. 

If you’re not familiar with 14 Eyes, it’s an agreement between governments that allows them to spy on their citizens, and forces internet service providers to track their users’ activity. 

During our initial research, 123 services were guilty of participating in the 14 Eyes program, which dwindled our list down to 50 remaining services. 

GoVPN, IPPredator and ChillGlobal are just a few examples of services that participate in the 14 Eyes agreement. 

VPNs Disqualified Due to Missing Features 

To continue our review process, we began working through the list of remaining services to determine if the features they offer can keep you protected online. 

As we continue through our review, we’ll break down each of the different features that we’re looking for, and give you examples of services that were eliminated because they do not offer them. 

Criteria #1: OpenVPN Support 

Every VPN service uses specific protocols to manage your connection to their servers, with IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN being some of the more popular protocols. 

In general, OpenVPN is considered one of the most secure and easiest to use protocols, which is why services that support OpenVPN were ranked higher in our review. 

AnonVPN and Betternet are two examples of VPN providers that were eliminated due to a lack of OpenVPN support. 

Criteria #2: Unlimited Bandwidth and Data Transfer 

VPN services, like your cell phone service, typically track how much data you’re sending and receiving while you’re connected to their network, which is referred to as your bandwidth usage. 

Some VPN services will limit your account access or throttle your connection speeds if you consume excessive amounts of bandwidth, which caused them to be eliminated from our review. 

Celo and Cloak are two VPN providers that were eliminated due to their bandwidth consumption and account limiting policies. 

Criteria #3: No Data Logging Policies 

Many VPN services will track your activity on their network to help them diagnose specific issues that you may be having with your account or your connection. 

However, when those VPN services use those activity logs to report you to law enforcement agencies, they need to be removed from our list. 

Hola!VPN and Seed4Me are two VPN providers that have been eliminated due to their data logging practices. 

Criteria #4: Support for Multiple Operating Systems 

With today’s constantly evolving technological environment, many people connect to the internet with multiple different devices, each with their own specific operating systems. 

Many VPN services will support most mainstream operating systems, though the software that some VPN services provide is not compatible with certain operating systems. 

SunVPN and IntelliVPN were both removed from our review because their software does not support multiple different operating systems. 

Criteria #5: Support Multiple Concurrent Connections 

Each device that you connect to the internet will require its own specific connection to the VPN that you use, which means your VPN service needs to support multiple active connections. 

Some VPN services will limit your connection speeds or become unreliable when you attempt to connect with multiple devices, which forced them to be eliminated from our review. 

HotVPN and IBVPN are two providers that have been removed due to their lack of support for multiple concurrent connections. 

Criteria #6: Free Trials, Refunds and Money-Back Guarantee 

With so many different VPN services to choose from, there is no reason for a service on our list to refuse to offer free trial periods or not to have a valid money-back guarantee. 

To ensure that you are not stuck with a recommendation if the service doesn’t work for you, we eliminated VPNs that do not offer free trial periods or money-back guarantees. 

LibertyVPN and UnoTelly are two examples of VPN providers that have been removed due to their lack of free trial periods and money-back guarantees. 

VPNs Eliminated Due to Poor Reviews 

While many people consider using reviews from past and current customers an unreliable source of data, we needed another method to use to eliminate more services from our list. 

To continue our review process, we sifted through reviews on more than 100 different websites to eliminate VPN services that have developed a poor reputation in the industry. 

Top Three VPNs for Securing Your Connection to Omegle 

Through a thorough elimination process, we worked our original list of 173 different VPN services down to three remaining services that are competing for our #1 recommendation. 

Each of the remaining three services will be reviewed based on five criteria: 

  • Price 
  • Setup Process 
  • Ease of Use 
  • Speed 
  • Customer Service 

After putting each remaining service through an extensive testing process, we determined that one service is the clear winner, and receives our recommendation as the best VPN service for Omegle. 

#1 ExpressVPN – (9.5 / 10) – The Best VPN Service for Omegle 

When you’re looking for the best VPN for keeping yourself anonymous and secure while video chatting on Omegle, we couldn’t find a service that can compete with ExpressVPN. 


ExpressVPN’s pricing helps keep them competitive, and they charge $12.95 for subscriptions paid month-to-month, and only $8.32 for subscriptions when 12 months are paid up front. 

The software that ExpressVPN provides with your subscription is easy to download and install, allowing us to connect to their network within a few minutes of submitting our payment. 

You can tell that ExpressVPN devotes a substantial amount of resources to ensuring a smooth and seamless subscription and connection process. 

The strength of their network is where ExpressVPN really shines.  During testing, we did not experience any disconnections or reliability issues. 

The customer service team at ExpressVPN are, hands down, some of the most helpful people we’ve had the pleasure to work with, and they responded to our requests quicker than other companies. 

During speed tests, ExpressVPN ranked #1 in tests based out of the United States and the United Kingdom, but did only rank #2 in tests performed through servers based out of Australia. 


We do understand that customer service is important to ExpressVPN, but we wish they could respond faster in some instances, to help us work through our problems quicker. 

In some cases, we waited up to three hours for a response to our requests, which is still faster than other companies, but left us waiting while trying to get connected to their network. 

Summary: When you’re looking for the best-of-the-best VPN service available for Omegle users, ExpressVPN tops the charts in every single category of our review process. 

They have a solid network, great customer support teams in place and some of the fastest speeds that we’ve experienced. 

To protect yourself on Omegle with ExpressVPN, click here now. 

#2 IPVanish  (7.5 / 10)  Suitable if ExpressVPN isn’t Available for You 

There may be times that you find ExpressVPN isn’t available for you, or it doesn’t work with the hardware or software you’re using, but you still need a viable alternative. 

In times like those, one service that compares to ExpressVPN in many categories is IPVanish. If ExpressVPN isn’t available for you, IPVanish could work to keep you safe on Omegle. 


The software that IPVanish provides is simple to download and install, and we didn’t experience many issues getting connected to their network with it. 

When it comes to pricing, IPVanish is one of the lowest priced VPN services we’ve tested, charging $4.87 for 12-month subscriptions and $7.50 for subscriptions paid month-to-month. 


We contacted the IPVanish customer support team multiple times, and received helpful responses to our inquiries, though it did take them longer to respond than the team at ExpressVPN. 

IPVanish claimed the #2 spot in speed tests performed out of the United States and the United Kingdom, but did rank #3 in tests performed out of Australia. 

Summary: While IPVanish does offer a service comparable to ExpressVPN in some areas, ExpressVPN has a much stronger network and better customer service response times. 

However, if you find that ExpressVPN isn’t available for you, or doesn’t work well with your hardware or software, IPVanish could be a suitable alternative. 

If you would like to know more about IPVanish, you can visit their site by clicking here. 

#3 HideMyAss – (5.5 / 10)  Not Recommended 

Coming in the third place of our review process is HideMyAss, but their third-place finish shouldn’t come as an actual recommendation from us as a viable VPN service for Omegle. 


The software that they provide with your subscription doesn’t cause many issues. We had it downloaded, installed and were connected to their network within a few minutes of subscribing. 


HideMyAss is one of the most expensive VPN services that we’ve seen, charging $16.99 for subscriptions paid on a month-to-month basis, and $9.29 when 12 months are paid up front. 

However, once we were connected to their network, the problems that we would experience throughout the review began to happen, and persisted the entire time. 

We experienced numerous dropped connections and, when we managed to maintain a connection, slow and unusable connection speeds. 

Because of the problems, we were unable to obtain reliable speed test results, though initial tests did show that their network was significantly slower than ExpressVPN and IPVanish. 

While reaching out to their customer service team for help with the issues we were having, we waited more than 24 hours for a response in most cases. 

Summary: The problems that we experienced while testing HideMyAss, the significant connection issues and the poor customer service make it hard to recommend HideMyAss. 

If you are trying to stay safe and anonymous while using Omegle, there are much better options than HideMyAss. ExpressVPN, and even IPVanish, are both better VPN services. 

If you want to learn more about HideMyAss, you can do your own research by clicking here. 

Wrapping It Up 

Connecting to Omegle without implementing proper security measures can be a recipe for disaster because hackers are constantly on the lookout for unsecured connections. 

The best way to ensure that you stay safe, anonymous and secure while you are video chatting on Omegle is to use a Virtual Private Network service to protect your connection. 

After an extensive review process eliminating 170 different VPN services, we’ve concluded that ExpressVPN has the strongest network and the most helpful customer service. 

To learn more about ExpressVPN and protect yourself on Omegle, click here now.